About Us


The Lightbulb Moment


Studying at design school, Ran became obsessed by shapes and geometry. With his creativity at an all time high and having just moved into a space strapped new flat, he set his sights on revolutionising the humble colander.


The First Prototype (...of many!)

The First Prototype

With his CAD files in hand, Ran headed into a metal workshop in an attempt to create his first rendition of the design. Many hours, cut fingers, welds and much more willpower later, Ran emerged with his first ever (sort of) functioning prototype. Ever the modest man, he christened it "prototype number 1" and it can be proudly seen on display today, in a draw somewhere at RMDLO HQ.

An Interim Period

RMDLO Diagram

Over the ensuing 6 years, Ran carried on working and fine tuning the deisgn in his spare time, coming up with several new prototypes in the process.



When Ran Met Fred

When Ran met Fred

After years of hard work building his own company, Fred was tired of trying to promote other brands who did not want to evolve. He dreamt about starting his own brand, a brand responsible for creating inspiring and innovative products.

At the same time, Ran had taken his design as far as he could without funding or further support. He showed it around to other kitchenware brands and consistently got shown the door :-( Introduced through a mutual friend, Fred and Ran met on a cold November day. After much discussion they agreed to work together on trying to go to market solo.


RMDLO is Formed


Building off the back of the colander design, Fred and Ran decided to go one step further and start a new brand. RMDLO was born to solve the current problem of reduced living space, something that effects city dwellers around the world. Fred and Ran decreed that RMDLO would produce premium products specifically designed to save space within the home…. your home!


A step closer thanks to our 1625 friends!


In May 2014, the RMDLO colander was launched to the world via the online crowd funding platform Kickstarter. After an unbelievable month of promotion, the project smashed its funding goal of £45,000 and with this mile stone achieved, Fred and Ran brought their dream of RMDLO a step closer to reality.


Mass Production

Mass Production - Packaging

After almost a year of further development, the RMDLO colander (now on prototype 59) was finally ready to go into mass production. Working with one of the world’s most prestigious kitchenware manufacturers in China, we are now ready to bring our revolutionary colander to the world…..

To the Future.

Who knows....