RMDLO Colander


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The RMDLO Colander (strainer) is a modern take on its contemporary cousin. The patent pending Fluid Form™ technology allows the colander to be innovatively folded closed to just 10% of its in use size. A 6 leaf structure makes the colander very flexible allowing you to properly strain food free of liquid. Made from high quality stainless steel and BPA free plastics, the RMDLO colander is a modern day practically designed utensil which would not look out of place in any contemporary kitchen.

Length (open) 26cm
Width (open) 19cm
Height (open) 15cm
Length (closed) 38cm
Width (closed) 7.5cm
Height (closed) 4.5cm
Weight (empty) 240g

Delivering Excellence

10 years of development has resulted in a state of the art patent pending product which combines a set of technologies designed to deliver the best user experience imaginable.

Fluid Form ™ Technology

RMDLO’s patent pending Fluid Form™ technology sits at the heart of the colander. The technology enables the colander to be smoothly folded closed, one sliding leaf at a time, until it is just 10% of its in use size.

Ultra Flexible

The unique leaf design, makes the colander extremely flexible. Bend, squeeze or twist, the adaptable design will reduce spillages when pouring food into small containers and make it easier to strain all liquid.

3D Steel Pattern

The leaves of the colander have been pressed with a specially engineered honeycomb pattern. The pattern is designed to reduce friction when opening the colander and it increases the long term durability of the leaves.

100% Dry

Lesser well designed utensils can collect water internally causing damage and making them unhygienic. Purpose built rapid drainage holes in the handles, prevent water from collecting within the colander.

Intuitive Curves

A gentle curve allows a more intuitive opening and closing experience for the colander.

Stability Arch

A custom designed mid centre leaf arch outline removes the need for bulky feet while ensuring the colander remains stable when open.